Blessing of the Statues of Sts. Arnold snd Jospeh 015Blessing of the Statues of Sts. Arnold snd Jospeh 020On September 6, 2013, in anticipation for the Solemnity of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the 138th founding Anniversary of the Society of the Divine Word, the newly mounted statues of St. Arnold Janssen, the Founder of the Society of the Divine Word or SVD, Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSpSAP) or Pink Sisters and Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) or Blue Sisters, and St. Joseph Frienademetz, SVD, one among the First missionaries to China was blessed by Rev. Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, the Provincial Superior of PHN SVD missionaries in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament Convent Chapel in Baguio City, Philippines.




Dear Mission Collaborators,


            Greetings in Peace!


            On September 8, 2013 the Society of the Divine Word celebrates its 138th foundation day. It is my joy to invite you our mission collaborators to make the month of September, truly a time of thanks-giving and mission-giving!   

In a couple of months the Year of Faith reaches its culmination with the solemn celebration of Christ the King. In his message for World Mission Sunday this year, Pope Francis hails the Second Vatican Council in motivating the entire Church of its  missionary task that “… broadening the boundaries of faith, belongs to every baptized person and all Christian communities… especially in dioceses and parishes…it is up to these to witness Christ before the nations”. (Ad Gentes, 37) The Pope goes on to say that  “… this, not as a secondary aspect of Christian life, but as its essential aspect: we are all invited to walk the streets of the world with one’s brothers and sisters, proclaiming and witnessing our faith in Christ and making ourselves heralds of his Gospel. I invite Bishops, Priests, and the Presbyteral and Pastoral Councils and each person and group responsible in the Church to give a prominent position to this missionary dimension in formation and pastoral programmes, in the understanding that their apostolic commitment is not complete unless it contains the intention of bearing witness to Christ before the nations and before all peoples… I cordially bless missionaries and all those who accompany and support this fundamental commitment of the Church to proclaim the Gospel to all corners of the earth…”

Let me acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude your interest and support in our SVD missionary endeavors. This year we have extended special mission support to the following: seminarians’ seminary fees, cash gifts for vacationing missionaries, charitable contributions, and sizable remittance to the Mission Office under Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD. The PHN Mission Office has purchased a set of multi-media equipment through the generosity of one mission collaborator for mission talks and power point presentations. Once again, I wish to invite you our mission collaborators to extend your generous prayers and love offerings. As others have been doing, you may enclose in the brown envelopes prayer requests/intentions together with your love offering for our Filipino SVD missionaries assigned worldwide. For being a part of our global mission, may the Divine Word shower you and your loved ones abundant blessings!  



In His mission,


Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD    

PHN Mission Secretary




                       Dear Confreres and mission Collaborators,

                         Greetings in Peace!

       It’s amazing how fast time flies! Before we realize it, September is here again, our yearly mission month. As the Society of the Divine Word marks its 137th anniversary on the 8th of September this year, I wish to invite you to glorify and thank God with us for the gift of missionary vocation and the grace to collaborate in God’s mission. Verily, your being one with us has been a source of strength and inspiration in the sharing out of our missionary charism worldwide. “So you became an example to all believers…For not only did the message about the Lord go out from you throughout…but the news about your faith in God has gone everywhere.” (1Thess 1:7-8) In announcing the year of Faith, his Holiness Pope .Benedict XVI wrote: “today as in the past, he (Christ) sends us trough the highways of the world to proclaim his Gospel to all the peoples of the earth…The celebration of the year of Faith and the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization will be favorable opportunities to relaunch missionary cooperation…” (Pope Benedict XVI’s 2012 World Mission Message)

         This year’s Mission Month let us reflect on the theme: SHARING THE FAITH…THROUGH COLLABORATION in the light of the Pontifical announcement mentioned above. Our Mission Poster provides us six images very expressive of what we are and are called to be. Image 1 (Left Top): Three members of the three Religious Congregations St. Arnold Janssen founded, namely, Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration or Pinks Sisters, Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit or Blue Sisters and Society of the Divine Word or SVDs go ‘high tech’ as they work together. It portrays that the three congregations are one in heart in their missions. “We feel especially called to this aspect of God’s mission in our world today because of our interculturality, a defining trait of our Society from its birth and God’s particular gift to us and to our mission”. (SVD XVII General Chapter 2012) Image 2 (Center Top): A Divine Word Missionary hand in hand in prayer with other community members. It features interconnectedness among the baptized and the consecrated. Image 3 (Right Top): Newly elected officers of the Abra SVD Friends take oath of Office during a Eucharistic celebration. It signifies a deeper commitment to mission and loving concern for every SVD’s well being. Image 4 (Left Below): During Mass offertory, two SVD priests together with seminarians receive from parishioners a sack of rice being offered. It speaks loud of the generosity and readiness of the people in their ever untiring support to God’s mission. Image 5 (Center Below): Round the clock the Pink sisters take turn in solemn prayer. It reveals an ever active missionary aspect of their contemplative life. And lastly, Image 6 (Right Below): ‘Missio Dei’ is dynamic. It projects Divine Word Missionaries journeying along with members of the local Clergy, other Religious congregations, Local Government Unit (LGU) personnel and Indigenous people elders and representatives. After looking at ourselves through these “3D optics” in relation to our common mission, let us take a “fish-eye” view and come up with a well composed single photograph – a “portrait” of COLLABORATION in Mission.

         Once again on behalf of the SVD Mission Pilippines I wish to convey my profound indebtedness (utang a naimbag a nakem in Ilokano) for your unquantifiable mission supports. Our thanks to God “…through Jesus Christ for all of you, because the whole world is hearing about your faith.” (Rom. 1:8)

 Wishing you and your loved ones God’s hundred-fold blessings, I remain.

  Devotedly Yours in His mission,

  Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD

PHN Mission Secretary


         Through the inspiration and encouragement of the SVD District Superior Fr. Warlito Rabbon, SVD, the SVD Friends-Abra came together as renewed Mission Collaborators to witness the Oath-taking of the newly elected Officers the Eucharistic celebration presided over by  Rev. Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, the PHN Provincial Superior with Fr. Dante Venus, SVD, Fr. Antonio Alagao, SVD, Fr. Felipe Flores, SVD, Fr. Warlito Rabbon, SVD, Fr. Macario Apauya, SVD, Fr. Romeo Benitez, SVD, Fr. Albert Van Lee Ween, SVD, Fr. Emil Pati, SVD, concelebrating on May 1, 2012 at the St. Joseph Freinademetz, SVD Chapel, Ubbog-Lipcan, Bangued, Abra.Present other Divine Word Missionaries during the celebrations were: Fr. Frengki Ngesu, SVD, Br. Valentin Gruener, SVD, Br. Eprhem Ilogon, SVD, Br. Fred Corton, SVD

The following are the newly elected Officers:

President – Mrs. Leanida A. Balbin

Vice President – Dr. Gene Bede G. Barbero

Secretary – Mrs. Generosa Q. Perlas

Asst. Secretary – Mrs. Suzie P. Dayag

Treasurer – Mrs. Marissa M. Panelo

DWCB Coordinator – Mr. Charlie Vitalis

Dear Fr. Director,

          After having reflected on the qualifications expected for membership in the SVD FRIENDS, we hereby submit and dedicate ourselves as members of SVD FRIENDS of ABRA.

         As our own personal sacrfice for the Missionary cause, we pledge to: 1) Add the Prayer of St. Arnold Janssen (The Jewel) and one decade of the Holy Rosary to my daily morning praise for all SVD Missionaries throughout the world and 2) Offer all our work, prayers, sacrifices, joys and sorrows on one day of the week for my chosen missionary.

          As our missionary commitment, we will work for the promotion of vocations at home, school and areas of work; participate actively in looking after the needs of the missions; and attend regular meetings and spiritual exercises on mission.

            Through the intercession of St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph the worker, we pledge to become active mission partners of the SVD-PHN ABRA. Amen.

Mission Promoters:  Mrs. Larissa C. Co       Mr. Elmer Bersamin

Mrs. Josefina B. Bersamin                     Dr. Leticia Q. Barba

Engr. Irene Bringas                                Mrs. Nelia V. Barriga

Mrs. Loida N. Venoza                            Mrs. Rowena Bringas

Mrs. Decimia G. Cabang                        Mrs. Leonila B. Lobo

Mrs. Glesilda Bernardez                         Mrs. Zenaida P. Vinluan

Worship Commission:     Mrs. Lolita C. Valera – Cahirman

                                                 Mrs. Gloria Bulda

                                                 Mrs. Teresita Damian

Education:                     Mr. Charlie C. Bisquera – Chairman

                                           Mrs. Esperanza Bersalona

                                           Mrs. Agnes Parsad

Services:                       Mrs. Fredesvinda B. Valeros – Chairman

                                         Dr. Ella O. Ortega

                                         Mr. Rodel Borillo

Temporalities:                Mrs. Caridad V. Go – Chairman

                                              Mrs. Melinda Kho

                                              Mrs. adoracion V. Bernardez

Youth:                          Mrs. Edelia V. Miranda – Chairman

                                        Mrs. Moilin Balaoro

                                        Mrs. Luzviminda Bona

SVD Charisms:

1. Communications under Fr. Dennis Buenafe, SVD

Miss Merla Ruiz

Mrs. Ma. Theresa Benas

Mrs. Julie Ann Trinidad

2. JPIC under Fr. Manolito Barona, SVD

Ms. Carmelita Bersalona

Fiscal Marcel Ortega

Dr. Leticia Madriaga

3. Mission Animation under Fr. Leonardo Hiquiana, SVD

Mr. Ronaldo Centeno

Mrs. Lydia Pacursa

Dr. Delia Pascua

4. Bible Apostolate under Fr. Romeo Benitez, SVD

Mr. Romel Bilong

Mrs. Agnes Bringas



On September 4, 2011 Fr. Nereo Joseph Artienda, SVD shared some of his mission expereinces in Ecuador to the DWRH Sunday Mass attendees. Fr. Artienda left the Philippines to his first mission assignment soon after his priestly ordination more than twenty years ago. During his missionary stay he has undertaken various congregational responsibilities in the Society of the Divine Word including having been elected as a Provincial Superior. After a deserving Home Leave, he will be going back to his mission in Ecuador toward the end of October. We accompany with our prayers and support!


Dear Mission Collaborators, 

            Greetings of peace and love in the Divine Word!

September is here once again to remind us of the task and urgency of mission. This SVD Mission month, however, as his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reminds “… is not isolated moment in the course of the year, but a precious occasion to pause to reflect on how we respond to the missionary vocation; an essential response for the life of the Church…the mission of Christ Redeemer, entrusted to the Church, is still far from being accomplished … a global look on humanity shows that this mission is still at the beginning and that we must commit ourselves with all our energies in its service” (John Paul II, “Redemptoris Missio,” No. 1). We cannot remain tranquil in face of the thought that, after two thousand years, there are still peoples who do not know Christ and have not yet heard his message of salvation.” (Pope’s Message for World Mission Sunday 2011)

As the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) celebrates its 136th Foundation Day on September 8, 2011 we invite you again our mission Collaborators to join us in praying, remembering and in raising funds for the 134 Filipino Divine Word Missionaries working in 46 countries worldwide, for mission animation activities and for formation of future missionaries who are financially poor but deserving seminarians. I am saying this in the light of the Holy Father’s call, “Attention and cooperation in the evangelizing work of the Church in the world cannot be limited to some particular moments and occasions… the missionary dimension of the Church is essential and, therefore, …it is important that every baptized person as well as the ecclesial communities be interested not only in a sporadic and irregular way in the mission, but in a constant way, as the way of Christian life.” (Mission Sunday 2011)

Hence, as it has been done every year, the brown mission envelopes are available for cash donations and as others have done prayer requests/intentions may also be enclosed. In anticipation, my heartfelt thanks for your generous and unending support for the global mission of the Church. May God continue to shower you and your loved ones His choicest blessings!

Devotedly yours in the Mission of the Divine Word,


Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD

PHN Mission Secretary


On January 15, 2011, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) one of the three Religious Missionary Congregations founded by St. Arnold Janssen remembered with gratitude the birth of the Congregation almost one hundred years ago in Tayum, Abra, Philippines. The highlight of the day’s celebrations was the offering of the Holy Eucharist, presided over by his lordship Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD,DD, Bishop of the Diocese of Bangued. Concelebrants in the Mass were  Msgr. Artemio Rillera, SVD,DD (former Bishop of Bangued)  the Clergy in the Diocese and other SVD guest priests. Other Religious men and women also were present to join the Holy Spirit Sisters who came from many parts of the country in this memorable occasion. The laity were joined by some of the Province’s high ranking officials. After the Holy Mass, there was a Parade around town followed by a   Cultural program show casing the early beginnings and the apostolic involvement of the Holy Spirit Sisters in the progress of the Church in Abra since then. Equally significant in today’s event, it is also the 99th Foundation Day of the Holy Ghost School-Tayum. The school was turned over to the Diocese’s management  only a couple of years ago.

The Holy Spirit Sisters in processional entrance to the Church…           

"Precious is the life given for Mission..."

"The Holy Eucharist is the source of everything we need to do God's mission effectively and fruitfully...!


On October 1, 2010,  after having been invited by Sr. Ester Polo, SSpS, the High School and Elementary Department Principal,  Fr. Emil Pati, SVD, (PHN Mission Secretary) celebrated the Holy Eucharist for Missions. As it was the Feast Day of St. Therese of the Child Jesus she was given a very special honor being a Patroness for Missions. Indeed, it was a very encouraging mission encounter together with the Holy Spirit Sisters, Staff, Faculty Members, Students and some parents. The Photographs (more pictures on the Pages section)below speak in a many thousand ways…thank dear Sisters for the opportunity of mission collaboration with you! God bless you and all!


On the evening of September 30, 2010, confreres and friends of Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, PHN Provincial Superior were gathered together to thank God for the gift of fifty seven years.  A thanksgiving that was filled with the spirit of joy and frienship…of deep sense of collaborative commitment to God’s mission. Thanks to birthday celebrations, they remind us that wether we are serious about it or not, we have a mission in life.

A toast for LIFE! (more photos on page: IMAGES)


Dear SVD Friends and mission Collaborators,

Greetings of Peace from the SVD-PHN Mission Office!

The mission poster of this year’s SVD Mission Month (September), bears the theme, PRECIOUS IS THE LIFE GIVEN FOR MISSION. Alongside with our very own Sisters of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) on the occasion of their forthcoming Centennial (1912-2012) celebration let us focus our reflections and activities on the above mentioned theme. History of Abra Mission reminds us that on January 17, 1912, almost 100 years ago, the first batch of Holy Spirit Sisters arrived and settled in Tayum, Abra. Barely a month later, the Sisters opened Holy Ghost School. Since then, inspired by a common Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, the Society of the Divine Word  (SVD) Brothers and Fathers hand in hand with the Holy Spirit Sisters continue to witness “…the call to mission as a call to collaborate with God’s mission.” (St. Arnold) So important is mission that so many early missionaries stayed on in the country until their last breath. And how precious those lives were…very precious indeed is the life given for mission…God’s mission.

The Holy Father Benedict XVI in his message for World Mission Sunday 2010, strongly affirms that, “the awareness of the call to announce the Gospel not only inspires every individual believer, but all the diocesan and parochial communities, to an integral renewal and to an ever greater openness to missionary cooperation among the Churches, to promote the proclamation of the Gospel in the heart of every person, every people, culture, race, nationality, in every place.” In the spirit of global mission, our lay mission partners respond to this call when in their own individual or communal ways participate actively in doing as well as promoting Church mission. In its best, collaboration with God’s mission can be actualized with three “Ps”. We Pray for Missionaries, Promote missionary Vocations and support the mission with our Purse. Very well said and it’s true, “No one is so poor that he/she has nothing to give, as no one is so rich that he/she has nothing to receive.”

On behalf of the SVD Mission Philippines, I wish to acknowledge and thank you for your involvement in the SVD mission fund raising activities. Your prayers and support would mean a lot to our Missionaries who are out there! I am always touched when mission-minded people asked how to lend a helping hand to our Missionaries financially. Among other ways, I tell them about the idea of adopting a Missionary, of sponsoring a Seminarian, and of course the brown envelopes readily provided which many find more practical when it comes to sharing God’s manifold blessings. On their behalf therefore, here I am once again appealing into your generous heart: our Missionaries need your three “Ps”!

May God who “loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7),” continue to shower you and your loved ones his choicest hundredfold blessings.

Very truly yours in His mission,

Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD

SVD-PHN Mission Secretary


As it is written on the picture above, a meeting of Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) Mission Secretaries of the Asian-Pacific Zone was held at the One World Srvice Center, Dapinglin, Taipei County on February 12-14, 2010. On the photograph were those who attended: First Step/Row: Fr. Tiburtius Denggor(Indonesia), Fr. Baptist Michael D’Sousa(India), Fr. Charlton Plateros(Hongkong), Fr. Sergio Edwards(Meeting Coordinator/Taiwan), Fr. Odilon Yoo Yong Duc(Korea), Fr. Paul Nguyen Thien Trong(Australia) Second Row: Fr. John Regalado(Philippines), Fr. Emil Pati(Philippines), Fr. Isagani Ehido(Philippines), Fr. Hermanus Sigit Pawanta(Indonesia) Third Row:  Fr. Anthony Nguyen Xuan Hue(Vietnam), Fr. Florentinus Gekeng Making(Indonesia),  Fr. Hubertus Tenga(Indonesia),  Fr. Pio Estepa(Mission Secretary General/Rome) Last Row: Fr. Lorz Estomo(Encoder/Taiwan), Frt. Johannes(Novice), Fr. Josef Roszynski(Papua New Guinea), Fr. Dominic Emmanuel(India) Fr. Jose Jacob Kuzhikkattuthazhe(India), Fr. Joy Joseph Maveliparambi(India), Fr. Bill Burt(ASPAC  Zonal Coordinator) and Fr. Michael Lindstrom(Japan)

The following collage shows some highlight activities during this very enriching and encouraging meeting:Fr. Pio Estepa, General Mission Secretary came all the way from Rome to give the key note on Mission…

In between the  sessions  exchange of experiences, ideas and activities were shared and expressed to encourage everyone…

During the coffee or tea breaks, the Mission Secretaries continue to share and encourage one another…

…there are a lot to learn from one another…

…there are interesting ideas…people…places…circumstances…in the mission fields…

And the SVD mission goes on and on….