Dear Co-missionaries,


Exactly a week ago, 22 October 2008 I celebrated here in Nemi, Rome, Italy the beginning of my 25th year or Silver Anniversary as a missionary priest. While my other classmates celebrated the Thanksgiving Eucharist together with one or more classmate(s) of ours and with their loved ones and friends at home, I had mine with my “missionary companions” and community here in Nemi. The four who are with me in the picture are my Koinonia group members: On my right, Fr. James Heiar,SVD from USA, Fr. Ambrose Beck,SVD from India and on my left, Fr. Singarayar Arockiam,SVD from India and Fr. Ketut Trisnoyanto,SVD from Indonesia. As the word “koinonia” suggests, a group is assigned to do particular service to the community weekly like dish washing after meals, leading prayers, celebrating Mass and so on. 

Within the Holy Eucharist, after Holy Communion in particular, I solemnly pronounced the renewal of my Priestly and Missionary Commitment. Fr. Antonio Bon Pates, SVD, Director of the International Tertiate Renewal Course stood as a witness and received my offering on behalf of Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, my Provincial Superior. 



In the evening, the community through Fr. Bon Pates, organized an equally memorable gathering for me. I went to bed that night with my heart filled with joy and happiness and above all thanksgiving to the Triune God for the gift of twenty five years in the priestly ministry. I also took time to thank Him for you and other people who have journeyed with me through the years with their prayers, sacrifices, support and love. I may not be able to thank you enough but God knows how grateful I am. Now that I just started a new milestone in a missionary journey I hold onto  your prayers and support so that like before we could go a long way together once again. For more pictures and information, please proceed to PAGES on PEOPLE, EVENTS, HAPPENINGS! Once again, thank you very much. God bless you.  (Fr. Emil Pati, SVD)                        



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