ON JUNE 27, 2009



    Fr. Devasagayam Savariyappan, SVD (Parish Priest) Rev. Benedicto Awitin, SVD; Rev. Abraham Ronald Borja, SVD; Most Rev. Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD,DD (Bishop of Bangued); Rev. John Vasquez (diocesan); Rev. Ferdinand Antoine Bajao, SVD; Rev. Dante Barril, SVD; Rev. Severo Biton Jr.,SVD; Rev. Michael Namba. SVD; Rev. Crisostomo Salar, SVD


            To make the SVD Centennial celebrations historically meaningful, the ordination of our seven Divine Word Fratres and a diocesan theology Seminarian to the Order of Deacons was held in San Isidro, Abra. San Isidro now is the Cagutongan where the very first Divine Word Missionaries started their missions 100 years ago. To date back that very memorable arrival, Fr. Luis Beckert, SVD and Fr. Juan Scheiermann, SVD were welcomed joyfully by the people of Cagutongan on August 23, 1909. Likened to a high-voltage electric wire connected to a powerful generator, it multiplied year by year by way of “splitters”. Charged with uninterrupted current, the electrification spread far and wide and as it widens its area number of “light posts” keeps on increasing. The elevation to the priestly ministry of our newly ordained deacons is just an example. The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) is proud of having now more or less 582 Filipino missionary brothers, priests and bishops including the newly ordained deacons, working as missionaries in the Philippines and in four corners of the world.


During the celebration of the Holy Eucharist of which the Rite of Ordination to the Order of Deacons took place, Most Rev. Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD, DD, Bishop of Bangued and the ordaining prelate, firmly but gently addressed those to be ordained deacons in his homily saying:

“My sons, you are being raised to the order of deacons. The Lord has set an example for you to follow.


As deacons you will serve Jesus Christ, who was known among his disciples as the one who served others. Do the will of God generously. Serve God and mankind in love and joy. Look upon all unchastity and avarice as worship of false gods; for no man can serve two maters.


Like the men the apostles chose for works of charity, you should be men of good reputation, filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Show before God and mankind that you are above every suspicion of blame, true ministers of Christ and of God’s mysteries, men firmly rooted in faith. Never turn away from the hope which the Gospel offers; now you must not only listen to God’s word but also preach it.  Hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Express in action what you proclaim by word of mouth. Then the people of Christ, brought to life by the Spirit, will be an offering God accepts. Finally, on the last day, when you go to meet the Lord, you will hear him say: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.’”


After the solemn celebration, our newly ordained deacons went back to Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City to finish their academic formation and to prepare for their upcoming priestly ordination which will be on December 5, 2009. Let us accompany them with our prayers that they may all persevere in their chosen vocation.


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