Fr. Taschner's add-on1“Fr. Joseph Taschner, SVD, now 88,  celebrated his 60th ordination anniversary on September 25 at the Mary Consolatrix of the Eucharist chapel  in Angin, Naguilian, La Union.

Bishop Artemio Rillera of the Diocese of San Fernando of La Union, in his short message before the final blessing, thanked Fr. Taschner for his “gift of priesthood to the Philippines.”  Present during the Concelebrated Mass  were PHN Provincial Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, Fr. Emil Pati, SVD, Fr. Elmer Loreto, SVD, Fr. Macario Apuya, SVD, Fr. Nick Vergara, SVD, Fr. Manolito Baroña, SVD, and Fr. Andy Cosalan, a former student of Fr. Taschner at Immaculate Conception School of Theology (ICST) in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. People he helped through the years, particularly from Vigan, also came.

He first served as Chaplain of the Sisters of Mary Consolatrix Monastery in Naguilian, La Union since 1988. The congregation’s founder, Mother Marie Alexis de Jesus Pacis, 91, considers Fr. Taschner as  co-founder of her congregation which has the special task of praying for the Church hierarchy, the Holy Father, Bishops, priests and religious. The congregation was founded in 1976.

Short Biography of Fr. Joseph Taschner, SVD

Fr. Joseph Taschner is the eldest of five children to a family of farmers in Austria. At ten, he already wanted to become a priest, but poverty, and a sick mother held him back. His teacher told him, “If God wants you to become a priest, and you want it, God will give you the money.”

A year later, he was “tentatively” accepted at the minor seminary of St. Rupert of the Society of the Divine Word. He was only asked to pay a small part of the tuition fee.

In June of 1939, he entered the novitiate of the SVD in Western Germany. By March 1941, together with other seminarians, he was called to the military service. He was assigned near Moscow, nursing wounded soldiers near the frontlines and served as interpreter of the Russian language. In 1945, he got wounded and was brought to a hospital in Denmark where he remained until the end of the war, and became a prisoner of war to the English Armed Forces.

Fr. Taschner  took his first religious vow on March 6, 1941, and was allowed to renew them every year, before two fellow soldiers as witnesses.

In October 1945, he went back to the seminary in St. Augustine where he continued his novitiate and his second year of Philosophy. When he finished his novitiate in June 1946, and had taken his final exams in Philosophy, he was transferred to the seminary in St. Gabriel for his studies in Theology. With five others, he was ordained priest on September 25, 1949.” (Article: Courtesy of PHN Website)Photos: Phnmission

Confreres celebrates with Fr. TaschnerBishop Rillera & Fr. TascnherFr. Joseph & Fr. MackyFr. Noli, Bishop artemio & Fr. Josephwith the Consolatrix SistersFr. Joseph Taschner, SVD




August 21 to 23, 2009, came the most awaited time. Abra, the cradle of the Society of the Divine Word or SVD was all set to mark the 100th year of SVD missionary presence in the Philippines. On the evening of August 21, a “Pangili” (Tinggian welcome ceremony) was generously hosted by St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish to welcome guests, delegates, representatives and missionaries from within and outside the country. After the sumptuous dinner, everybody enjoyed the program showcasing the stages of missionary activities in Abra.

Centennial celebrations 031

On August 22, the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Joseph Adams presided over the Eucharistic celebration at the Cathedral of St. James the Elder together with not less than 20 Bishops and more than 200 priests. The Mass attendance in thousand in and outside the wall of the Cathedral includes SVD Brothers, members of other religious congregations, national (President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) and local government officials and delegates. In the evening, a cultural production was staged at the Divine Word College of Bangued Gym participated in sequence by our talented SVD school faculty members and students.Fr. Louis Beckert, SVD

On August 23 morning, all roads led to San Isidro, the very place where our first two SVD missionaries Fr. Luis Beckert, SVD and Fr. Juan Scheiermann, SVD were received by the people on August 23, 1909 and right there and then established the first SVD mission station ever. The motorcade was interrupted by a stop over at the

Fr. John Scheiermann, SVD

cemetery where Fr. Juan Scheiermann was entombed after he succumbed to a deadly malaria infection barely five months since his arrival. Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, the Provincial Superior of PHN led the service.

Centennial celebrations 047Centennial celebrations 053

A procession down to the church followed against the scorching sun.

Today in my wild imagination, from the abode of our ancestors, St.Arnold Janssen our founder together with our Abra departed missionaries are rejoicing as they fixed their gazes downward and behold our present Superior General Very Rev. Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD leading the celebration of the Centennial Mass right at the place where our first two missionaries said their first Mass hundred of years ago. Centennial celebrations 081The Founder must have noted that today 100 years ago, a bishop arrived with two missionaries with few people to meet them, this time at this celebration, there is one SVD bishop and two hundred priests with thousands of people to be with them. Meanwhile, Saints and Angels in heaven paused …. and together with St. Arnold and other departed SVD missionaries watched and listened to to the singing and dancing during the Centennial Mass. Many of  them who were at this area before could not believe their eyes, development has taken a stride, no more horses on the road but cars, the rough road now smooth and paved, the wooden bridges are now made of steel and concrete and the cogon church has been transformed into multicolored place of worship. What remained unchanged is the missionary fervor of the people as shown by the collaborative partnership between the local government and the church, between the priest and his parishioners. And of course, I am very sure he is very much thankful and appreciative of the varied supports afforded to by SVD friends, Associates, Relatives, and benefactors eversince… ( for more pictures please visit SVD Centennial pages)