Every year the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) assigned in the northern part of the country (PHN) gather together for a common jubilee celebration. This year’s (November 12-13, 2009) gathering started with a basketball game between the Junior (15 years and below in perpetual vows) and Senior( 16 years and above) SVDs.  The final score showed that the older missionaries are ahead not only in wisdom but in ball shooting. Cagutongan GrottoIn the evening, before the so-called socialization, a prayer service in front of the SVD Provincial House was led by Fr. Jesus del Rosario, SVD, a Jubilarian. Then it was followed by the blessing of the newly constructed Cagutongan “grotto”  of St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz, SVD.

Commom Jubilee celebration 2009 005The solemn celebration of the Jubilee Mass at the Chapel of the Carmel Monastery, Pindangan, commenced with the introductory remarks of Fr. Jesus del Rosario, SVD. At the Sanctuary are this year’s Jubilarians: Fr. Agripino de la Cruz, SVD (40 years in Vows and is the main celebrant), Fr. Reynaldo Jimenez, SVD ( 25 years in Ordination and the Homilist), Fr. Macario Apuya, SVD (40 years in Vows), Fr. Jesus del Rosario, SVD (50 years in Vows), Fr. Joseph Taschner, SVD,(60 years in Ordination) Bro. Vincent Silug, SVD (50 years in Vows) and Fr. Dante Venus, SVD (a former Provincial and a guest Jubilarian). Fr. Albert Van Leuween, SVD and Fr. Fr. Rodel Arellano, SVD did not make it for the occasion. Commom Jubilee celebration 2009 009 During the renewal of vows, Fr. Emil Pati, SVD who was in Rome when his classmates celebrated their silver jubilee last year joined in as Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, the present Provincial led the ceremonial rites.  Commom Jubilee celebration 2009 010

Commom Jubilee celebration 2009 012

Commom Jubilee celebration 2009 013 After the Holy Mass everybody moved from the Carmelite Monastery Chapel to the  SVD Provincial House for lunch.  (To view some photos please go to Page on Birthday, Jubilee and other Celebrations)


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