Dear SVD Friends and mission Collaborators,

Greetings of Peace from the SVD-PHN Mission Office!

The mission poster of this year’s SVD Mission Month (September), bears the theme, PRECIOUS IS THE LIFE GIVEN FOR MISSION. Alongside with our very own Sisters of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) on the occasion of their forthcoming Centennial (1912-2012) celebration let us focus our reflections and activities on the above mentioned theme. History of Abra Mission reminds us that on January 17, 1912, almost 100 years ago, the first batch of Holy Spirit Sisters arrived and settled in Tayum, Abra. Barely a month later, the Sisters opened Holy Ghost School. Since then, inspired by a common Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, the Society of the Divine Word  (SVD) Brothers and Fathers hand in hand with the Holy Spirit Sisters continue to witness “…the call to mission as a call to collaborate with God’s mission.” (St. Arnold) So important is mission that so many early missionaries stayed on in the country until their last breath. And how precious those lives were…very precious indeed is the life given for mission…God’s mission.

The Holy Father Benedict XVI in his message for World Mission Sunday 2010, strongly affirms that, “the awareness of the call to announce the Gospel not only inspires every individual believer, but all the diocesan and parochial communities, to an integral renewal and to an ever greater openness to missionary cooperation among the Churches, to promote the proclamation of the Gospel in the heart of every person, every people, culture, race, nationality, in every place.” In the spirit of global mission, our lay mission partners respond to this call when in their own individual or communal ways participate actively in doing as well as promoting Church mission. In its best, collaboration with God’s mission can be actualized with three “Ps”. We Pray for Missionaries, Promote missionary Vocations and support the mission with our Purse. Very well said and it’s true, “No one is so poor that he/she has nothing to give, as no one is so rich that he/she has nothing to receive.”

On behalf of the SVD Mission Philippines, I wish to acknowledge and thank you for your involvement in the SVD mission fund raising activities. Your prayers and support would mean a lot to our Missionaries who are out there! I am always touched when mission-minded people asked how to lend a helping hand to our Missionaries financially. Among other ways, I tell them about the idea of adopting a Missionary, of sponsoring a Seminarian, and of course the brown envelopes readily provided which many find more practical when it comes to sharing God’s manifold blessings. On their behalf therefore, here I am once again appealing into your generous heart: our Missionaries need your three “Ps”!

May God who “loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7),” continue to shower you and your loved ones his choicest hundredfold blessings.

Very truly yours in His mission,

Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD

SVD-PHN Mission Secretary