This website is dedicated to the mission animation of the Divine Word Missionaries in Northern Philippines with Fr. Emil B. Pati, SVD as the Administrator being the Provincial Mission Secretary.


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  1. Fr Emil,
    This is a very informative and inspiring site where we come to know about what is going on.

    • Good day Father! Praise be Jesus and Mary. i will not put any comments in this page. Father, I just want to ask about the congregation. if what is the Charism of the congregation and what are the qualifications in your congregation. because i want to answer the God’s call for me to enter in a religious life. hopefully i can answer it rightly through the guidance and advice of the religious person. thank you father and i’m hoping for your response in my email… Peace be with you!!!

      • Dear Venice,
        Greetings in Peace!
        Our Congregation is a missionary working in many parts of the world. We are religious Brothers and Priests who come from all over the four contenents, so you can imagine an international group or society of multi-racial men working as Parish priests, School Administrators, Apotolate Coordinators, professors, Officers, Formators to name a few. Those who enter the congregation, either as fresh high school graduates or young professionals.
        For more information, contact and Divine Word Missionary priest or brother if we are at your area.
        Wish you the best in your searching. God bless you.

        In the Divine Word,
        Fr. Emil

  2. Emil, it seems you’re a very patient man. I believe it took you some time to do this, especially collecting and inputting the names and whereabouts of our Pinoy confreres. I hope I have that kind of patience too. hehehe.

    • Dear Japs,

      Thanks a lot for the comment. how’s life? of course you can do the same. ikaw pa! keep it up! God bless.

  3. please send us details of the bank account number of your SVD Province, we want transfer 500 Euros for the mission of Father Taschner thank you

    Tony Van Landeghem,
    Secretary of Providentia Association

    • Dear commissionaries in the Providentia Association,
      Greetings from the Philippines North! I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for your generous support for our missionaries. May God bless and reward you with lasting joy, health, peace and love.

      Regarding the complete bank account you were asking, I already instructed our Accountant to email you the necessary information. Thank you very much on behalf of our confrere Fr. Joseph Taschner, SVD,

      In His Mission,

      Fr. Emil Pati, SVD
      PHN SVD Mission Secretary

  4. Hello Fr Emil, I would like to know about your lay missionaries and the qualifications of your candidate. by the way, I am interested to know about it, since I would like to apply. How I wish I can go to your seminaries just to inquire about it, but I am from Mindanao. I hope you can find time to reply for me through my email. Lorna

    • Dear Lorna,
      It is heartwarming to hear from people like you interested in doing mission. of course our congregation welcomes comissionaries like you. what i suggest is that, we have Divine Word Missionaries there in Mindanao, it would be more practical if you get in touch with them personally and ask about our program for lay Missionaries. for instance, you can find some of us at: San vicente Ferrer Parish in Sibugay, Zamboanga city. Let me hear again from you for any needed info. God bless.

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