Arrival in Nemi few minutes after midnight on 3 September. We were met by Fr. Jorge Fernandez, the House Praeses. The following day, we met the other members of the community, Fr. George Koottappillil, SVD and Fr. Claudio Sommaddossi, SVD.

On the 4th September we started a day long journey by bus to Bressanone (Brixen) where we are going to join the other Nemi course participants. We arrived in Brixen at around 16.00 hrs. We are housed at the Brixen Diocesan Seminary. The other group arrived few minutes after seven in the evening. I met Fr. Bon Pates,SVD, the Director of the Course Fr. Joe Francis, SVD, Fr. George Varghese, SVD, both of whom I met already in Botswana, Africa many years ago, and the rest. The supper, very italian, was great. At quarter past nine, we had the Holy Eucharist celebrated at the very Chapel St. Joseph Freinademetz was formed spiritually as a young seminarian. A strolling around town of Brixen led by Fr. Tony Bon Pates, SVD with the group took place after supper.

05 September: Today is pilgrimage to the orientation we visited the Cathedral, Cloister and the High School where St. Joseph Freinademetz studied. Walking we went to the Franciscan Church where St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz met for the first time. The last place we visited that morning is the Parish named after St. Joseph Freinademetz in Milland. The church is constructed full of many European and Chinese symbols. The museum speaks a lot about the life of our saint. In the afternoon we visited the Abbazia Novacela in Brixen. The group was welcome warmly by Abbot Georg Franz Untergassmair, Augustinian Canon Regular and after an informative orientation he led a guided tour around the Abbey. The museum was very interesting indeed. After an hour or two, we were ushered into a wine bar where we were offered wine to drink.

6 September 2009: The group is set for a long journey to Oeis at exactly eight in the morning. We reached Oeis few minutes after eleven o clock. A conference brought a flash back to the very early life of st. Joseph Freinademetz.  I had a chance to walk around the house and walked on the yard Saint Joseph walked, ran played on during his tender years.

From the village below Abtei, you can view the house of the Freinademetzs as if you looking up to heaven.

The Freinedemetz’s house as it stands now has not chnage much from the original one.

The inside of the house is very simple but one can really sense the holiness being radiated in every corner.

Pilgrims from all over the globe come to pray here, even his Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI was here few months ago for an unscheduled visit. Below, the Holy Mass is celebrated at the place that was used to be a stable.

In the afternoon, we visited the birthplace of Sr. Theresia, SspS, one of the early superiors of the congregation. We met one of the grand niece of Sr.Theresia, who accompanied and showed us the graveyard of the Family. The visit is indeed historic.

7 September 2008 Our long journey to Some around 700 kilometers from Bressanone, started few minutes after eight am. South Tirol has many fruit yards but very prominent to the eye are the apple trees that are filled with fruits more visible than the leaves. Vineyards are vast too but not time for grapes yet it seems. Along the way a reflection on the last days of st. Joseph was shared to the group by Fr. Juergen Ommerborn, SVD afterwhich a translated concluding part of his life was read later.


On our first Sunday here in Nemi, the whole renewalist group made a pilgrimage to Nettuno, the place of St. Maria Goretti.

This picture is taken inside the Gorretti family House where the young girl Maria was martyred.

The front view of the Church where the replica of her body is kept and venerated.

St. Maria Gorretti lying in state. 

A closer loser look at the replica of the remains of St. Maria Gorretti.

St. Maria Gorretti pray for us especially the young people. Amen.


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