On 21September, the 77th International Tertiate Renewal Group visited some of the significant places of Rome.


The Famous Ancient Arch of Rome.

Roman Ancient Coloseum, partly visible and damaged

This site has many stories to tell.

Inside an old Marian Church

What struck me most in this Church is the magnificent goldceiling. At the sanctuary, a wedding was just celebrated.

Inside the Marian Church is a replica of the Sto. Nino di Roma

The picture of Santo Nino di Roma resemble the famous Santo Nino in the Philippines. It is well venerated by local and foreign pilgrims.

St. Helen, the Mother of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Pinoy SVD participants

Fr. Dindo Fallarme, SVD (Togo)

Fr. Honorio Mateo, SVD (PHS)

Fr. Jaimelito Gealan, SVD (PHN)

Fr. Emilio Pati, SVD (PHN)

The group in front of the St. Peter Basilica in the Vatica

Sitting:L-R: Fr. Emil Pati (Filipino), Fr. Honorio Mateo(Filipino), Fr. Dindo Fallarme(Filipino), Fr. Tony Bon Pates(Director of the Tertiate Course, Filipino), Fr. Aloysius Lagamakin(Indonesian), Fr. Yosef Waryadi(Indonesian), Fr. Edelbertus Ngaji(Indonesian), Standing, L-R: Fr. Aquinas Thomas(Indian), Fr. James Heiar(American), Fr. Isidore Kindo(Indian), Fr. Fr. Paul Nadolny(American), Fr. Biju Kottarathil(Indian), Fr. Rethinasamy Amaladoss(Indian), Fr. Plasi Arulanandam(Indian), Fr. George Varghese(Indian), Fr. Ketut Trisnoyanto(Indonesian), Fr. Singarayar Arockiam(Indian), Fr. Vinoy Thomas(Indian), Bro. Paulus Sari Lamak(Indonesian), Fr. Gustavo Adolfo Rosales(Diocesan, Chilean)[not in the picture are: Fr. Jaimelito Gealan(Philippines), Fr. Alex Jolius(Malaysian) and Fr. joseph Sithu(Indonesian,phs).

Inside the Vatican Museum

This Madonna caught my attention among other masterpieces may be because of the asian facial resemblance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Colegio Verbo Divino, the Generalate of the SVDs in Rome

This is the seat of government for the International congregation of missionary Brothers and Priests known in latin as Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) or known popularly as Divine Word Missionaries. At present the Superior General is Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD from Bohol, Philippines. Our Mission Secretary General is also a Filipino, Fr. Pio Estepa, SVD. Missionaries pursuing higher studies also stay here, lkie Fr. Sammuel Agcaracar, SVD from Cagayan Valley and Fr. Ramoncito Rebucias, SVD from the South.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Emil,
    Nice to have visited your site. Remembering our golden days in Nemi. How are you? Busy in the mission! All the best. Prayers

    • Hi Biju, how’s life been lately? Right now i am busy with mission animation works. what’s keeping you busy these days too? let’s keep one another in prayer and in spirit. God bless you.

  2. could you please tell me how to contact Fr. Edelbertus Ngaji(Indonesian) by email.
    i think he was my teacher when i was in seminary. thx

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