R.I.P. Our Faithful Departed


Benjamin E.It’s been few days since I last heard the noise of a garden cart either being dragged or being pushed around the compound from early  morning until late afternoon except on Sundays. Grass have grown taller, dry leaves remain uncollected, plants await pruning. The hands that care of these things, and many more, some mundane, has been absent for a few days. His absence is strongly felt.

Benjamin Espinilla, our maintenance man in the Provincialate House of the of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) in Pindangan, San Fernando, La Union passed on to the other side of life’s garden to be with his creator on September 18, 2009.

Ben, or Mang Ben as he is fondly called has been with the SVD for more than twenty years. He tends the garden, cleans the surroundings, brings the merienda for the other workers and sometimes, he substitutes as a night guard. Very often, you find him helping out in the kitchen as well. When we come home from a trip and arrive tired he helps us with our luggage. He welcomes guests with his generous smile.

There is probably even more that he did that I cannot recall, or am simply not aware of. As I think about his sudden passing away, I recall that while his mission on earth has come to an end his memory as a co-missionary will linger on. I know that dedicating this page for him will not commensurate the services he has done to the SVD, but this hopefully, will somehow express how thankful we are for a man who have left us an example of dedication to work especially his punctuality and uncomplaining attitude. Never, at anytime, did he draw attention to himself. No matter how insignificant his task was he did it with love for his family and to God.

To the bereaved family he left behind, with all sincerity we condole and we say God strengthen you.

To our brother Ben:

“May angels lead you into paradise,

may the martyrs come to welcome you

and take you to the holy city, the new and eternal


(Funeral Commendation Rite)


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